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Drumming System Testimonials

I appreciate being able to see what Mike is doing from several different angles. You are able to see the sticking and the footwork at the same time. Video quality is first rate and the menus on each dvd make it easy to navigate to the lesson you want.

Believe it or not, I enjoyed drum theory and notation. After taking years of piano and organ lessons, I never really understood what 4/4 or 6/8 meant and how it is relevent to what you play. Mike made it so simple. Alot of people will chuckle when they hear you are learning something from dvd’s but how could there be a better way to learn to play the drums? You can watch Mike demonstrate it as many times as you want from several different angles.

Dana Meyer

– Nebraska

He explains it simply, and completely. In fact, I use the lessons with my instuctor and he liked how he explained and demontrated the flam. He said “Mike is really good.”

The highlight was the cost, it was very reasonable for all that you get. I just got the system, but I really like the rudiment section. I hope to be just half as fast as Mike.

The Drumming System has helped to improve my practice routine with the Generator. I am getting faster with my left hand, and better with the rudiments everyday.

Jim Basner

– Michigan

Mike’s teaching style, in supplying his instruction in very easily understandable steps, made following him very easy. I also appreciated his friendly, helpful, and sometimes light-hearted attitude – not condescending in any way.

I have already noticed improvement in my sticking techniques. The method to speed up single strokes by just a slight change in hand position added much welcomed improvement on my sixteenth notes. Also, I am experiencing better coordination in the independence of my four limbs. And, my drum fills are becoming more creative.

Sally Robison

– Ohio

I thought that the way the lessons were coordinated with notation and 4 way screen shots shows you how to perform the practice and what it sounds like. It is almost like having your own drum tutor in the same room with you.

As a drummer interested in all styles and improving my techniques I am delighted with all aspects of the system. On one level it has re-ignited my desire to practice in a coordinated way and this has improved my accuracy and dexterity with sticking. It has also added dimension to my playing allowing me to consider different ways to play and not just be satisfied with the easiest route to rhythms and fills.

Rob Fast

– United Kingdom

I like Mike’s communication skills. He is able to reach students of every level. I feel as I am having a private lesson. The system is geared to take you to your maximum potential, even for a beginner like me.

My timing and overall hand technique has improved dramatically. And finally I am enjoying the Play Alongs. But the most important thing is the Practice Routine Generator as it gets you the discipline without killing the fun.

Ricardo Cortes-Monroy
– Switzerland

Rock Drumming System Testimonials

I just wanted to say thank you very much for the Rock Drumming System, it’s an amazing tool. I’ve done a lot of drumming over the years, been drumming for well over 30 years, have a lot of instructional DVDs and books and listened to a ton of music but this is by far the best system I’ve ever found to not only improve my chops and my drumming but also to just learn to things, and what I really really like about the videos, I really love the multi-angle system that you’ve got there, it is just the greatest way of learning. I’ve really taken my drumming to a whole different level since I’ve got this system and I’m currently finishing up the intermediate book and getting ready to go to the advanced book and it has just been amazing.

I’m in a band with a bunch of musician that kind of rotate on a monthly basis and every time we sit down and play, the members that have been around for a while are constantly amazed at what I come up with. They’ve said, “Can you come up for a new part for this particular song?” and I say “Sure no problem” and I’ll just come up with something straightaway and they’re just like “Wow, you been taking lessons?” and I say “Well, yeah kinda.”

Anyways, thank you very much Jared, it’s an awesome system and I look forward to getting more products from you and seeing what else you’re going to have in the future.

Matt Denton
– New Jersey

Hi Jared this is Myke, I’m from Altadena, CA and I’ve bought several of the products and I think this Rock Drumming System is the best.

What I really like about it is your teaching style. I have always been a trainer myself, I work as a bank examiner so I relate to good trainers and I think you really take people at all levels and you really teach them in the way they like to learn. Specifically I really like how I can watch you do something and I can listen to you do something, you do it in slow motion, cause I’m not that gifted, I’m not that talented in drums but I can follow and play-along and I know how to learn, I can slow it down until I get it right.

And I like the fact that I have a book, that’s how I typically learn, I sometimes start very very slow and them build up and then I can watch yours and play-along if I want. I put your DVD and your system in my TV and then that’s piped into my electric drum set. I can have that going in one ear and watch if I want to and it’s just super, so great job and I look forward to future things that you put out. Thanks a lot and have a great day.

Myke Rost
– California

I have completed the beginner course of the Rock Drumming System and it has made a significant improvement to my drumming especially I’ve noticed when i’m jamming to all my favorite songs that I’ve created on a jam disc. With about 14 different songs from different bands.

I especially enjoyed all the different beats that I all learned and fills. It has given me a more more structured approach with my practicing. When I sit down and practice now, and complete my practicing, I feel I’ve actually accomplished something. I will practice maybe 3 times a week and then maybe a couple of other nights I’ll sit down and just jam, and that’s when I really notice my improvement. So I’m very very pleased with the course and I’m looking forward to starting the intermediate section and then moving on the the advanced but I’m taking my time, and just going very slow with it and trying to retain as much as I can with it.

Sam J. M
– Arizona

I got the Rock Drumming System probably about two weeks ago and I am the picture perfect beginner. I never really played drums before, always loved the sound, I was a musician played several other instruments.

When I first picked up his Rock Drumming System, of course, start at the beginner and went through my eighth note fills sixteenth note fills and I love the fact that all the different angles that they show you, you’re able to see how he strikes the drums not only just how hard and on beats but you really get to see that hoes consistent in where he strikes it and it just brought a lot more realism into learning what you’re actually looking at in the music and seeing someone do it in all these different angles and being able to review it and rewind it.

I’ve already noticed within the first two weeks of having it and going through the beginner workbook, I’ve definitely progressed, I’ve got a nice steady beat, I’m actually working on my single and double stroke rolls, and the paradiddle and I can actually see a lot of progress so far and that can only go ever further as I practice everyday. So I’m looking forward to getting into the other books and I also purchased a couple of the extra, like Jazz Drumming, and the play-along book, and spinning sticks. It’s a really good system so far, and I can’t wait to get further into it.

I urge anyone that’s thinking about drums in any capacity to pick it up because you can’t beat being staying at home and being able to watch these videos and read these books, it feels a lot like having a drum instructor there with you.

Wesley Hines
– Maryland

I wanted to say the Jared’s Rock Drumming System is without a doubt the best course you can buy on the internet.

This course covers everything, any drummer beginner, weekend warrior, and even professionals like myself can learn form this course. Jared covers everything, from replacing your heads, tuning your drums, how to set your kit up to make it easy to move around on, even how to hold your sticks to help you play better and learn quicker. Jared takes you through all the beats, rudiments, starting with the simplest and progressing to the more complex and shows you how it sounds by playing it slowly and then playing it at normal speed.

The multi-angle video is awesome because you can actually see how each limb is working with other to make the pattern. These camera angles are close up videos so you can easily watch and even play along at the same time. It’s very easy to follow, this course is not about watching Jared see how well he can play like a lot of other videos I’ve seen. This course is about helping you to play and sound like a pro in the shortest possible time while developing the solid foundation of what drumming is all about.

I would highly recommend this course to any aspiring drummer that wants to take his playing to the next level. Check it out, play better.

Chris Brown
– St. Louis

Drum Rudiment System Testimonials

The Drum Rudiiment System is great. I like the four screen method of teaching as you can see it from all perspectives, which has helped me. I also like the method of showing the beat at a slower temp, then picking up the tempo to the proper pace.

Without a doubt the Drum Rudiment System has helped me. I have found that I am able to play many of the rudiments much faster, and have learned more rudiments that I did not know before.

Bob Sass
– Ontario

Lionel’s style is straightforward and easy to follow. He explains things completely and demonstrates techniques in simple concise steps. His exercises are challenging but very effective. This packet is also a very good tool if you are a drum teacher. The videos are interesting and effective.

The System has been helpf,ul in increasing my speed and technique. In addition I have developed new breaks and additional beats that are great for use when performing. I would recommend this set to any serious drummer.

Joel Shiflet
– Ohio

I personally like the way the instructions are filmed using a variety of speeds and angles. That combined with Mr. Duperron’s patient, reassuring, a detailed instructions allows the student to perform better and retain more; nice job!!!

One aspect of my drumming that I have noticed significant improvement in since I’ve started the system, is the sticking speed in which I can perform; the movements are faster and more fluid; The Drum Rudiment System has definitely expanded my playing ability!!!

Don Hodson
– Ohio

I have waited to have rudiments taught to me in the simplest of ways. Here, I get to see many different aspects to each rudiment. I may need one rudiment explained visually on sheet music and another one explained in slow mo; here I get that advantage.

It’s amazing to see when I went back to work on, say, the first 5 rudiments. When I had to pull of a basic fill in my last gig (last night,) I found myself pulling off a really cool double stroke roll that even my band mates notice was new and cleaner then ever before. That came totally naturally and had to be a direct result in working on my rudiments from this package. It had to be!

Keith Denebeim
– California

Lionel takes the ordinarily tedious routine of practicing rudiments and makes it stimulating. His approach to teaching is not only informative but inspirational.

The great thing about the Drum Rudiment System is that it allows students to realize the potential of knowing rudiments. Lionel makes if fun and creative by applying rudiments to grooves and fills around the set.

Within a couple of months of using the Drum Rudiment System I’ve noticed a rejuvenated interest in practice. I’ve also been able to swallow “the bitter pill” of rudiment practice a lot easier. The Drum Rudiment System is “the sugar that makes the medicine go down”!

Mark Dungey
– California

Beginner Guitar System Testimonials

I recently purchased the Nate Savage Beginners Guitar System. I have been a rythym guitar player for fourty five years and although self taught (and having learned various individual licks by myself) I have been amazed at what I’ve learned in a few short weeks using Nate’s system.

I’ve learned more about scales and picking techniques than I thought possible and am now dedicated to becoming a true ‘guitar player’. (My pinkie finger is enjoying getting involved in my playing at last and the alternative picking technique has made a huge difference.)

Although I learned to read music many years ago I’m looking forward to really getting into music theory.

In short, great job in putting this learning system together!

Stevie Gallager
– Illinois

I just received it this week and am getting started using it. I am on the left hand exercises now. Your system is very informative and easy to follow, what every beginner needs. The system is very structured to pactice by and will help to get one on their way to where they want to be as a guitarist. The CD’s and DVD’s are great and also easy to follow. I love the music you chose. I can tell you have a love for music and the way you put your system together, you also have the love to teach others.

Rose Bryant
– North Carolina

Piano System Testimonials

The thing I like the most about the Piano System is the fact that it is more “hands on” than my local Piano teacher. I can have 2 or 3 lessons per week if I like, depending on my time schedule. I like being able to review at will.

The highlight of my experience was learning the Circle of 5th’s. It was fun learning the number of sharps and flats within a certain Key. Nate made it so easy to understand. I never had it explained in this way before.

Annie Street
– Tennessee

I love the piano system. Nate has a very unique way of teaching that is not just based upon the traditional means. The puzzle pieces actually started coming together. Thanks Nate!!

So far I am amazing myself by being able to figure out my own chord progressions. I love learning what makes music different styles and what gives it that “particular sound”.

The biggest improvement I have noticed is just understanding the theory, not so much the note values, but from a musical/melodic structure. I can read note values as I taught drums for several years and its nice to be able to understand another instrument.

Ryan Stroh
– Indiana

I like the fact that it shows from multiple angles, and also the “blue” keys are very useful. Also it is very useful that you explain it step-by-step and sometimes even repeated some things which was very good, because not all the times I can pay full attention 😀

I couldn’t say I have a favorite lesson, because I realized that I cannot play a complex instrument like the piano having favorite parts. 🙂

Since I am a beginner, I was focused mainly at my right hand. These lessons made me distribute my attention to my left hand also.

Raul Sebastian Pop
– Romania

The thing I liked most about the Piano System is it’s step by step progression. The fact that I can follow at my own pace an go back when ever I want.

The fact that my 7 years old daughter got interested when seeing me playing and she has now started to study by herself. (I’m so proud!!!)

I started to “read” music for the first time in my life. My speed has improved mainly because my fingering is now correct.

Javier Opazo
– Chile

What I most liked about the Piano system was the “easy to follow” way that Nate Bosch presented material which usually seems more complicated with other piano lessons I tried. Finally, I have found a way to actually play piano-with both hands-thanks to Nate Bosch’s clear way of explaining and showing how a piano is actually played.

I really liked the simple way that all was explained, and how Nate showed everything in detail (“hands on”), of whatever he was talking about. I really liked the lessons on triads and on chords.

The Piano System has improved my overall understanding of the piano as an instrument. Hence, my playing the piano is finally becoming a reality for me! I am actually able to play the piano with both hands and can figure out songs easily! I really want to thank Nate Bosch for making a long awaited dream of mine finally a reality: actually being able to play and enjoy the piano!!!

Anthimos Tangalidis
– Greece