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With over 90 minutes of beginner instruction, this DVD features Salsa dance lessons from nationally known instructor, choreographer and performer Marlon Silva. Included as a special feature are four music videos with Salsa music from Guaracha.Basic Combinations: Marlon and Suzie Neff demonstrate a push-pull spin, used in many of Marlon's combinations.Basic Spinning Combinations, Part 1: Marlon and Susie continue their instruction with spinning combinations built upon the previously learned shoulder combinations.Basic Spinning Combinations, Part 2: This episode emphasizes rolling your partner in and out, twisting arms, and switching hands, while keeping the same principles you have learned so far.Merengue Dancing, Part 1: Includes beginning steps of Merengue and a history of Merengue.Merengue Dancing, Part 2: Includes some Merengue vocabulary one should know in social situations. Also learn a new trend, Jumping Merengue.